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Gear Prudence: I’ve had a few close calls lately, which got me thinking about buying a video camera that I can attach to my bike. I know a few people who’ve been in accidents, and without any proof that the driver was at fault, the cops didn’t believe them.

This is available in the market for a price of around Rs 55,000. And while the 2015 model of the same machine now comes with a slightly better processor, it is going to be more expensive at a market price of somewhere around Rs 63,000 as its MRP is Rs 65,000..

Southwest, which is nearing a 700 jet fleet, has “great opportunities that we have been investing in. Over the last five years, and now we want to take advantage of them,” CEO Gary Kelly said last month, responding to questions about the company’s capacity expansion this year and next.

ANALYSIS: As soon as “25” and “Lemonade” were released, everyone knew they would go head to head in the show’s biggest category though it’s still unclear who will walk away with the prize. Bieber had so many hits off of “Purpose” that it would have been surprising if he didn’t get a nod in this category, even though his odds of wholesale jerseys winning are fairly slim.

Usually, this is some type of SD card slot, but it also may be MS slot.This allows you to add more pictures to your slideshow, even if you are out of memory on the frame’s internal memory. In fact, some of the cheaper digital photo frames don’t even use internal memory; they only use the card slots.A nice example of a cheap photo frame with card slots is the Coby 7 inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame.

If you do happen to have a flight canceled due to a security threat, Gibbons says you are entitled to a refund of the unused portion of your ticket assuming that the airline does not provide an alternate flight within three hours of your original departure time. (The time minimum can vary, depending on the route or the airline)..

A raccoon, a possum, you never know. Stuff like that can happen. She is a full of energy, 84 year old woman who truly opened my eyes to some history that I’m sure I would never have come across in any history book. Please look in the Gettysburg Times for a future column by John Rudy detailing more about the incredibly interesting life of Dr.